World Cup 2022

  • 262022,Jan

    World Cup 2022Fun88, The Hosts of World Cups had conflicts and Qatar is not the exception

    Fun88, With a 3 week boat journey required to tour among Europe and South America - each of whose international locations have been essential to the opposition due to the fact each took place to be taken into consideration the most powerful football continents - the opposition's vicinity appeared a main problem each 4 years. Holding the primary World Cup in Uruguay had supposed best 4 European groups might compete.
  • 202022,Jan

    World Cup 2022Fun88, The new generation of football players and fans is ready for the world cup football 2022

    Fun88, Generation Amazing opens network soccer pitches in India. world cup football 2022
  • 192022,Jan

    World Cup 2022Fun88, England seal the deal at 2022 fifa world cup

    Fun88, England seal Qatar World Cup spot as Kane hits 4 in 10-zero rout of San Marino. San Marino's Enrico Golinucci in movement with England's Harry Kane. Serravalle, San Marino: Harry Kane scored 4 goals in England's 10-zero demolition of San Marino on Monday as Gareth Southgate's side made their vicinity in subsequent year's World cup finals in Qatar. 2022 fifa world cup
  • 142022,Jan

    World Cup 2022Fun88, Why is possible that 48 teams compete at World Cup 2022

    Fun88, FIFA is ready to increase the dimensions of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar from 32 groups to forty eight after the FIFA Council agreed the concept become "feasible" at an assembly in Miami today. World Cup
  • 122022,Jan

    World Cup 2022Fun88, What are the latest news of World Cup 2022 Qualifiers

    Fun88, World Cup 2022 Qualifying – The Latest From Africa, Asia And Oceania. The World Cup qualification system is maintained with groups throughout the globe gazing and operating out how they'll make it to Qatar in 2022.