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Baccarat seems to be an easy game with a clear aim: bet on the player or the banker and hope that your hand will be the winning one. In addition, this is a game you can find at online casinos like Fun88 due to the excitement it makes you feel when you play it!


However, if you navigate the ocean of possibilities and immerse yourself in the complex superstitions of experienced players, you will see that the game is much more complex. Some players will try to predict the outcome of the hand based on previous results, while others employ betting systems: both logic and superstition play a big part in this game.


Card values in Baccarat – Fun88


Let’s clear the basic rules for drawing cards and how to use the score boards, but before beginning at the basics: card values and hands. So, you will better understand why the value of the cards of 10, Jack, Queen and King is 0 in baccarat. The Ace is worth only 1, and all other cards count as their face value of 2 - 9.


The total values of the hand cannot exceed 9, so in the game 10 points are subtracted if the value of the hand exceeds 9. Suppose the hand is 4 - 9 - 5, then the total will be 8 since 18 minus 10 gives that value. Two cards of 10 give a heat of zero. A hand with a total of 8 or 9 is called a natural in the game.


The player's hand – Fun88


The player's hand is a type of betting hand that is always the first to act. First, two cards are dealt by the dealer and if the total is between zero and five, a third card is dealt. If the total is between six and nine, the Player's bet stands, so no more cards are dealt.


A "natural" is a hand that totals eight or nine and is automatically the winning hand against any hand of the Banker, unless it also has 8 or 9. If the player has a total of 8 and the Banker has 9, the Banker wins and vice versa. The house edge on the player's hand is 1.24% and the payout is 1:1.


The banker's hand – Fun88


The banker's hand is also dealt two cards and, if the total is 7, 8 or 9, no additional cards are dealt. However, if your two-card total is between zero and three, and the Player's total is 8. Depending on the Player's total, the Banker can draw a third card to get a 4, 5 or 6 total. Luckily, you don't need to memorize everything, as the dealers are the ones who oversee dealing the faces so you can focus only on your hand.


You can download and read our practical guide so that you know how to draw cards in baccarat easily. The banker is considered to have a slight advantage over the player because it is dealt second, and some experts advise betting on the banker since they believe you will win a little more than 50% of the time. This hand has a lower house edge: 1.06% and although it pays 1:1, there is a 5% commission on Banker bets that the player must pay to the online casino.


Baccarat recognition patterns – Fun88


Learning the intricacies of these patterns might be hard. Usually, what you need to know about these charts is that the red circles represent banker wins and the blue circles: Player wins. The green is for ties. The Big Road is the main road, and all other patterns consider your last entry.


Fortunately, today casinos will save you the effort by offering you digital screens where the pattern graphs are displayed: they detail all the wins, and give you more error-free information, as they are directly connected to the automatic reading of the results at the table.


Normally, each pattern has six symbols across the top, and in the electronic displays, Big Eye Boy, Small Road and Cockroach Road use symbols across the top and width of half a cell, which means that three rows of cells can fit six symbols vertically.


However, if you choose to use these patterns, whether you mark them yourself or follow an electronic display, keep in mind that they are all based entirely on the superstition and false sense of control present in the psychology of the game, so as not to diminish the house edge. Moreover, you should be aware that these patterns will not give you an edge or guarantee you more or better winnings.


How to play Baccarat – Fun88


If you are playing the traditional version of Baccarat, you must get an asymmetrical shaped table that can accommodate up to 12 players and 2 dealers, plus someone to announce the bets. In front of each player there will be two boxes: Player and Banker.


Each player must place his bet before the cards are dealt and choose how much of his bet will go to the Player's box and how much to the banker's box. Players will also have a third betting option, a Tie in case the player's and banker's hands are of equal value.


After the players have placed their bets, each player, and the dealer (represented by the house or the dealer) receive two cards. The hand that wins the game is the hand that is closest to a total of nine points.


So, if a player gets eight points and the dealer only three, the player will be the winner of the hand and all those who bet on that being the result get a profit. If the value of the hands is equal, that means that all those who bet on the player, or the banker lose; only those who bet on a Tie win.



The first step towards victory is to avoid betting on the Tie as much as possible. It is not advisable since experts don't like that bet or something similar, but, if you are playing and betting your money is to win, and with a Tie bet where the house has a 14% house edge, you simply won't be less likely to do so.


The next thing you need to know is the odds you must win, although they can be quite simple considering you only have two betting options available, Player or Banker; but each has different odds, such as:


The Banker Bet - Fun88


With the highest percentage of odds, the Banker bet seems to be the most reasonable option when it comes to winning baccarat strategies. Experts recommend that you bet your money on the Banker because it is estimated that you have a chance of winning more than 50% of the time, which is one of the reasons why casinos charge a 5% commission on this type of bets.


Even tough, many players still prefer to bet on the Banker, both new and experienced players. Experts also recommend that you keep betting on the Banker until the Banker loses, because you are more likely to win in stages than in a row; they also recommend that you wait at least one round before changing your bet to the Player.


Something important to keep in mind, is that hot or cold tables or winning or losing streaks are pure myths fed by the fallacy of gamblers that they will only make you get the same results consecutively, but the truth is exactly the opposite. There is no mathematical formula or any other proof that proves this erroneous "theory" created by gamblers, so we recommend that you avoid being guided by such practices.


Betting on the Gambler – Fun88


Although many assume that betting on the Banker is the best option, things change when you plan to use a strategy in baccarat. Considering the commission that casinos charge on Banker bets, it is less lucrative to use it consecutively. Let's say you are playing using the Martingale strategy, where you must double your bet with each loss. After 4 consecutive losses betting 10 coins, you will have lost 150 coins (10 + 20 + 40 + 80).


If you bet again on the Banker the amount will be 160 coins, if you finally win, you will receive a total payout of 304 coins. That would be the 160 you bet, plus another 160 in winnings, minus the 5% commission.


The total you should have received was 310 coins (10 + 20 + 40 + 80 + 160) which means that, even though you won, you have not been able to recover your losses because due to the bad streak and the commission, you lost six coins.


A similar betting strategy, but on the Player, would have left you with a profit margin based on 1 coin, with a total of 10. Although this type of bet has lower odds, it is still the best option for using betting systems and strategies.


The Tie Bet – Fun88


Baccarat is known as one of the casino games with the lowest house edge percentage, however, Tie bets can change this reputation. Betting on the Banker is recommended because it gives a house edge of 1.06%, betting on the Player is also a good option because it has a house edge of 1.26%, but betting on the Tie has an outstanding house edge of 14.4%, defying any good betting judgment.


Naturally, it is not a good option to put your money on a bet that has less than 10% chance of becoming a winner; only 14 out of 100 coins can be obtained by betting on the Tie. Therefore, the most logical thing to do is to ignore this option and pretend it doesn't even exist at your table. Ties can happen, but if one appears in your game, don't pay too much attention to it, keep playing based on strategies using the Player or Banker bets.


Playing Baccarat at Fun88


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