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Boost your online betting skills with these tips – Fun88

Boosting your online betting skills – Fun88


How to boost your online betting skills? – Fun88

Sharpen your online betting skills with the best tips you can find! If you want to bet on sports like cricket, kabaddi or soccer, you must have in mind some effective strategies you can apply when online betting at Fun88 or any other bookie in India.


Whether you are new to the art of sports online betting at Fun88, we all have some acquired vices that we must polish to get the most out of our bets. Let’s focus on those key tips that are essential when placing sports bets. Of course, we will warn you that there is no magic trick or infallible. These are just tips that may help you when it comes to online betting at Fun88.


Many of the novice players when starting in the world of sports online betting end up losing a lot of money in a relatively short time, there are several tips that you can think are essential to improve in sports betting at Fun88. These tips come from having been doing sports online betting for so long.


Once you have decided what sport you will bet on, you can choose your preferred bookie and the fun has begun! Check out these tips to succeed when online betting at Fun88, no matter what sport you are online betting on.


Tips for sports online betting – Fun88

  • 1. Set a budget and stick to it: Set a weekly or monthly sports online betting budget and stick to it. You should never exceed this ceiling that you have set for yourself with a cool head. It is much more interesting that you make this weekly or monthly budget than daily because in the latter case you may be forced to make a lousy bet just to meet your forecasts. Never gamble more money than you can afford to lose. Bad streaks exist but they can be solved with some time and an analysis of why it happened. If we lose several sports bets, you should analyze the reason for those losses. That’s why you must do a review of your accounts every week or month maximum, and analyze the results, and of course never try to recover the money you have lost in a bet by placing another one. A common tactic is to place a very simple bet to try to recover the money you have played in the other bets in case the day goes wrong, but without putting an excessive amount in each one.

  • 2. Take advantage of promotions at Fun88: One of the keys of every bettor is to be able to take advantage of the promotions and offers of the bookmakers. But remember that to take advantage of them you must be registered in the bookmaker(s) of your choice and have verified your account with your ID. In addition, your account must be 30 days old to be eligible for these promotions and offers.

  • 3. Analyze your failures: It is very important to analyze why we have lost a certain bet, where we have failed in the analysis or why we made a fool of ourselves in that bet. We can fail and make a similar failure again, but you should not fail to analyze our failures and try to avoid them in the future. The analysis of failures in sports betting, as in life itself, is something very important and almost nobody emphasizes it.

  • 4. Register with several bookmakers: There are bookmakers specialized in certain sports, in live betting. Therefore, experts recommend that you should register in at least two or three sports bookmakers; Fun88 can be an option for you if you live in India. But you should also compare odds and do not get carried away by betting at a certain bookmaker by inertia, you may be pleasantly surprised. Besides, why settle for a lower odd if another one offers you a better one? If you are only at one bookmaker, you are missing great opportunities at Fun88.

  • 5. Use betting comparators and bet on the most interesting bookmaker at any given moment: To facilitate the task of finding the best odds for a given market, there are betting comparators. These websites will indicate which bookmaker will give us the best odds without having to consult two or three websites at the same time. But be careful! Make sure that the data is updated, that the comparator is trustworthy enough to offering real data.

  • 6. Never bet more than 10% of your money on an event: A very common mistake is to bet high amounts on certain events. Every good bettor knows that he should never bet more than 10% of his banking on an event/match. Think that winning in sports betting is a long-term career and if we invest all our banking in an event, we are very likely to run out of money in a short time. On the other hand, it is time to demystify the power of betting. Forget about taking a big hit, who earns money by betting earns it little by little. Do not take unnecessary risks.

  • 7. Specialize in sports: Good bettors usually place bets on two or three sports at most, even specializing in competitions or leagues. With specialization, you will have a much better chance of success, especially if you specialize in minor sports, since bettors are not usually good at giving odds on non-major sports. In this sense, do not let yourself be captivated by offers or bets that a priori may be interesting, but you do not know that competition.

  • 8. Follow prestigious tipsters: As you know, tipsters are sports betting forecasters, so our advice is to follow the forecasts and analysis of some tipsters specialized in the sports you are going to bet on. You will learn a lot from them, from their pre-match analysis and they will also help us to acquire techniques to make more profitable bets. In this post we will update which are the best tipsters in the market.

  • 9. Don’t consider emotions when online betting at Fun88: A good bettor always bets coldly, with the head, never with the heart. We are talking about money, and we are not talking about emotions, if you are an unconditional fan and you see yourself in the 'obligation' to bet your team you are going to lose money, so the recommendation is that you do not bet, or choose other competitions where the club of your love does not play.


Online betting on Cricket – Fun88

Cricket is the most common sport to bet on if you live in India. When betting on cricket, a popular type of betting in cricket is the winner bet, where you bet on which team will win the match. Cricket also has some more specific markets, such as betting on who will be the best batsman of one of the teams, or who will be the best bowler of each team.

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The bowler would be the equivalent of the baseball "pitcher", the pitcher who tries to break down the bails of the opposing team. You can even bet on the total amount of runs that a game will have, in the Over/Under market.


A tip before you start betting on cricket is to understand the rules of the game and be patient, as the matches tend to be quite long. Start betting on the main cricket tournaments in the world and get to know the main teams and players, always trying to get as much information as possible before risking your money betting on this sport.

Know the rules and history of cricket – Fun88

Cricket was created in England in 1566, inspired by a medieval game called "stoolball". As time went by, cricket gained popularity in England, mainly among the country's elite. In the 19th century, cricket reached other continents, such as Asia, Oceania, and Africa, and today it has become one of the most popular sports in those continents.


In cricket, each team has 11 players, and the round field is divided into three regions, like baseball. The team members are the rectangle, also known as the pitch, the inner circle (infield) and the outer circle (outfield).


The rectangle is 20 meters long and it is located in the middle of the field, with the shooter on one side and the batter on the other. Behind both the shooter and the batsman are three wooden stakes called wickets, with two small timbers on top, called bails.


The bowler throws the ball in the direction of the batsman. The batsman's objective is to knock down the opposing bails, while the bowler needs to run between two areas of the field to complete a run. Cricket can be played in three formats, which vary in length. There is T2, which lasts three hours, One-Day, which lasts eight hours, and Test cricket, which can last up to five days. Fun88 India offers the best options to online bettors.


Online betting at Fun88 India


Fun88 app is one of the best bookies in India since it is trustworthy, and it is easy to sign up there. In addition, at fun88 login you can get the best bonuses and promotions in the Indian market. So, visit fun88 and start enjoying yourself!


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