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Have you ever tried to play online lottery? Online Lottery works in a simple way, just sign up at a reliable site like fun88 login that offers lottery games, and you are in! However, if you want to increase your winning possibilities when playing online lottery, there are some strategies you must know to succeed when playing online lottery.


On the other hand, even there are games with more winning chances, you can learn how to improve your winning odds when playing lottery online. Take some minutes to discover how to succeed when playing online lottery!


Winning possibilities in online lottery – Fun88


The possibilities to hit the jackpot are around 1 in 292 million. Even tough, as any good fan of casino games where chance is key and where we seek to minimize the advantage with which the bank or the house usually starts, the knowledge of mathematics, properly applied, can ensure a correct approach to any game, from table games to any of the types of roulette.


If you want to familiarize with this game and help you decide whether to play the lottery, you must consider some account concepts such as the price of each ticket, in addition to the percentage of the proceeds that goes to prizes or if a specific amount is reserved for the maximum winning combination.


First, understand how many odds you have in a specific online lottery you want to play. The lotteries in which you have less chances of winning, usually give out bigger prizes. A very important aspect is the accumulated jackpots.


In many lotteries, in the absence of a jackpot winner, a jackpot is accumulated that can reach gigantic figures. Lottery purchases when there are such large cash returns are undoubtedly the best occasions to play the online lottery.


In addition, you must know the taxes you should pay in case you win the lottery. Therefore, when choosing a particular lottery game, you must do your research to be aware the taxes and all information about it.


On the other hand, spend a budget you can afford. Never spend more than you can pay; do not forget to play wisely with responsibility. At the end of the day, it is important to participate and win, but it is also important to have fun while playing.


Additional tips to increase your winning possibilities – Fun88

  1. ✔️ Choose lottery with smaller jackpots: Most of the time, it is preferred to get less money but win that wait for a huge jackpot for so long.

  2. ✔️ Consider playing other online lottery variants: At websites like Fun88 India, you can find games like Keno or Bingo that offers great odds for those who want to win the lottery.

  3. ✔️ Play with the same number combination: Keep the same number combination in mind. If you play with the same combination, you can improve your winning chances when playing online lottery.

  4. ✔️ Avoid choosing birthdays or anniversaries when combining numbers: It is proven that when you select a birthday date or similar number combinations, your odds decrease considerably.

  5. ✔️ Get ready to succeed but also to fail: Even you pick a lottery strategy that works, there’s no guarantees that you will hit the jackpot. So, get ready to succeed by doing your research about what to do in case you win, but also keep in mind that you can fail. Therefore, play just for fun and who knows, maybe you can succeed sometime.


Randomness versus strategies – fun88

Lottery experts know that there are some useful strategies you can apply when playing lottery, especially if you have some knowledge about economics, mathematics, and statistics. The case of Stefan Mandel is a recurring example to explain that it is possible to win the lottery by applying knowledge in economics and mathematics, since this Romanian expert holds university degrees in both disciplines.


Therefore, Mandel has achieved good results in up to 14 different lotteries and in at least three countries, winning some 40 million dollars. So, if someone wants to know how to win the lottery, it is necessary to know the story of this Romanian mathematician and the strategies he followed to achieve it.


It is evident the random component that the lottery game has. Therefore, it is like other famous casino games such as blackjack or other traditional Asian games. Few people have been able to implement strategies to win in this game. The best-known case is that of Stefan Mandel.

online lottery

About Stefan Mandel: the one who won the lottery with his own algorithm

Conforming to historians, Stefan Mandel's first contact with the lottery was by chance, helped by the fact that he lived in Romania, in 1964. At that time, he was working hard as an accountant for the national mining company and was looking for an activity that would lead him to a more comfortable life, something that could seem impossible considering that he was living in a communist country.


Then, Mandel began to focus on playing the state lottery in a very different way than thousands of others: he studied the game, analyzed the draws, and looked for opportunities. Mandel used his mathematical knowledge to gain an edge and came up with a theorem he called Combinatorial Condensation.


It was an algorithm that allowed him to guarantee a second place in a six-number lottery based on choosing five of the six numbers and buying all the tickets with the corresponding combinations. With this method he achieved 100 percent of a second place, which was good enough for him.


Mandel and his investors took the first prize. That brought them $30,000 in the currency of the time in their country, the Romanian leu. After paying taxes and paying back borrowed money in the form of profits, Mandel was left with $5,000 in that currency, which would be about $40,000 in today's valuation.


This windfall may not sound like a fortune, but it was equivalent to eight years' salary for a middle-class Romanian at the time. The sum was enough for Mandel to make it out of his homeland. He spent the next few years wandering around Europe, and we would not be surprised if he applied his mathematical savvy to casino games across the continent to become one of the biggest casino winners in the continent's history, before settling in Israel. Once there, Mandel attended university in Haifa and earned a degree in economics.


By the 1980s, Mandel had arrived in Australia. He worked as an accountant, invested in precious metals, and lived a comfortable family life. While he never forgot about the lottery, the possibility of winning a lottery draw with 45 numbers and more than 8 million combinations must have seemed impossible, even for Mandel. Therefore, he studied the books and came up with another algorithm.

The perfection of Mandel's algorithm

"Not all lotteries are profitable from the player's point of view," he said. "The only sure way to win is to cover all the odds. The Sydney Local Lottery gave me the opportunity to invest $7 million to win $27 million."


With these words Mandel managed to find investors for his strategy. It was 1987 and personal computers (PCs) were readily available, so he relied on them for the details and printing the millions of forms to buy the necessary tickets.


"When I announced that I would win the grand prize in the Sydney lottery, everyone told me, 'You won't succeed.' So, I got angry and won it 13 times in a row, with $400,000 in smaller prizes”, he said once.


With this innovative technique, Mandel was able to reduce the number of tickets needed from 8 million to three million. It was more complicated, more profitable, and more secretive, as Mandel never revealed details about Phase II of his strategy for figuring out how to win the lottery.


Consequences of Mandel's strategy


Due to Mandel’s strategy, the Australian authorities changed the lottery laws to prevent Mandel from getting away with it. Undaunted, he set up his online business in the United States, where he also marketed his mathematical method and continued to develop formulas on how to win the lottery.


Specifically, he focused on the Virginia lottery. The attraction for him, according to the Washington Post, was that Virginia had fewer number combinations than other lotteries, so Mandel concluded that it would cost only $7.1 million to buy each ticket that could be printed at his home in Australia.


So, the prize money had to be large enough to make the investment worthwhile. So, Mandel waited patiently and monitored all the draws. As soon as one reached 27 million, Mandel pulled the trigger and set his plan in motion with just three days to buy some 7 million tickets, something that is extremely attention-grabbing and made him a millionaire mathematician. Thirty computers and a dozen laser printers went to work.


Mandel used 20 to 30 tons of paper to create all the tickets. He then invested $60,000 to ship them from Australia to the United States. A team of accountants came on board to transport the tickets to lottery stores and pay for the ones that had already been printed.


He and his team won the first prize along with $1 million in smaller prizes, even buying tickets at gambling establishments since in the U.S., lottery or keno are games that are among the top 10 casino games.


The deal was good for Mandel: he charged a fee of 1.7 million for organizing everything. Investors fared worse: those who put in $4,000 ended up with only $1,400 after expenses and taxes. The U.S. government inspected Mandel, and the Virginia Lottery Commission tried to avoid paying him for that professional approach to gambling. However, once it became clear that he did nothing wrong, the authorities had no choice but to pay the money.


Today, the rules have changed so that a Mandel-style system based on a mathematical method and formulas can never again be developed. Even tough, with the tips we have mentioned before, you can increase your online lottery winning chances at Fun88 India.


Playing lottery at Fun88


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