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Why to play slots at Fun88?

Slots is a classic in gambling! Everyone loves to play them since slot machines are so easy to find in malls, bars, restaurants, etcetera. On the other hand, it is a chance game that is simple to play and master. Now, you can find slots at online casinos like fun88 india.


Even tough, if you want to play slots online, you must know how they work, their functions and parts to understand the game in a better way. Check out how slots work and then, have fun with this exciting casino game at fun88.


Slots are one of the most popular online casino games among players, and their success lies in the great variety of their themes, in the entertainment alternatives they always offer, and in the great user experience they provide. If you want to start succeeding at slots, first create your account at fun88 app. Fun88 app offers the best bonuses and promotions in India, that’s why it is advisable to play slots online at Fun88 app.


How to play slots – Fun88


To be able to play slots online, first you must be +18 years old and be registered at FUN88. We know you know this, but we like to remind you from time to time. Once inside you have two options: try the slots in demo mode or make a deposit and play. Before you start playing you must set the loss limit and the duration of the session. Once you enter the slot, you must determine the coin value with the "+" and "-" symbols.


As we have told you, in FUN88 we have online slot machine of all kinds, but the goal is always the same: to get as many of the same symbols as possible in each spin. Nowadays, the games have many combinations beyond the line.


The "i" and "?" symbols explain all the information related to the rules of the game, the possible combinations, and the special symbols. In addition, the "bonus" symbols help you to increase your winnings, so watch out if you see them!


Types of online slots – Fun88


Until not long ago, slots were quite simple, a reel that you had to spin to get a combination of three identical symbols, identical to the traditional bar machines. Nowadays they have evolved to look almost like video games, becoming the most popular games in online casinos.


There are more than 600 different slots from the best worldwide suppliers divided by themes. Besides cataloging the games by providers and favorites, we know that the online slots of movies and series are top, that is why in the "Movies and TV" section you can find them all together.


For the more traditional ones, there are "Bar machines", a selection of online slot machines just like the ones in bars. The only thing missing is being able to ask the waiter for another one. To top it all off, we have a great selection of jackpots with the biggest jackpots on the market. At FUN88 we have the perfect slot for you!


Free slots


Slots are one of the most popular casino games, so it is not surprising that users wonder how to play slots for free. Unfortunately, in almost no casino you can enjoy free slots, that's why we have compiled for you two ways to enjoy these casino games to the fullest with the least possible investment.


Bonuses and promotions

If you meet the conditions stated in our terms and conditions, you can take advantage of our casino promotions and get free spins for slots. Stay tuned as we are updating the promotions almost daily with exclusive offers for our customers!


Playing slots at Fun88 App


If you want to download an app with slot games to have a good time from your mobile, Fun88App is your best ally. Both for iOS and Android. Moreover, you can play dozens of casino games like Baccarat, Blackjack, and many more from leading providers worldwide in an easy and simple way. Take advantage of the greatest jackpots with which you can increase your winnings.


Have immediate control over your balance and all the info of your account! At Fun88, with all the payment gateways we offer you can deposit your money quickly, easily, and totally securely, or withdraw by choosing one of our multiple online withdrawal methods. You can also cash out at many casino games at Fun88!


Functions and parts of an online slot - Fun88


A slot or slot machine has a central part, where the reels are located with the figures or symbols corresponding to each reel, so it is in this location where the main game will take place. In the lower area you will find the buttons that will help you to operate within the game. The theme of the slot machine will condition the form of the casino game and can even add extra functions.

  •   Buttons of an online slot: They are needed to control all the game settings, and you will be able to set a bet, check the balance as many times as you want, configure the autoplay, adjust, and above all, see the standings. Here you will also find the Free Spins activation button, and in classic versions you will see that there are two buttons, "play" and "spin".

  •   Main area of the slot: This is where the main or base game takes place, and here you will find the reels. Most slot machines have five reels, although it can vary in three or more reels. And each reel could have different heights, although they will usually be three or four rows.

Now let's mention the paylines or prize lines, since they are part of the reels, and they are the ones that are activated inside them. They are lines that are located along the slot screen and that serve to be able to establish combinations of each of the symbols, so that you can achieve the prizes.


Special functions of the slots


And it is that they offer us the possibility of achieving bonuses or additional prizes, which in most cases have the purpose of increasing the value of the prizes.

  • Free Spins: They allow us to play without having to pay money. Some slots will give you between 10 or 20 spins but in other cases this amount may vary depending on the slot machine you have chosen. There are also new versions of slots, which offer you special bonuses when you use each free spin, such as multipliers or additional wilds.

  • Retrigger: They can give you the possibility of activating them in the same free round, if you get the necessary symbols, or in their case, they offer you the possibility of reactivating them, even if you must get specific symbols for a specific game mode.

  • Gamble or bet on prize: It is not very common, but if the slot you have chosen has it, it is very useful because it gives a lot of excitement to the game. It is a risk game where you bet a prize that you have just won something like a bet within a bet.

  • Bonus games: If you get certain combinations of symbols, you will be able to access the bonus games or mini-games, which will allow you to win additional prizes.

  • Re-spin: This is a figure based on the function of a land-based slot machine. Its function is to stop the reels if they are close to a winning combination, and it gives you the possibility to advance between 1 and 4 reels, or even to re-spin the one that stopped first.

  • Multipliers: They are activated even with welcome bonuses, but you usually find them in the bonus games or free spins. They are multipliers of your prizes, and the amount to multiply will depend on the prize obtained, and can be x 2, x 3, x 4 and even x 5.

Now you can identify the parts of a slot machine and, which are some of the most important special functions, maybe the only thing left for you to do is to put into practice what you have learned, but always playing responsibly and setting yourself a previous budget.


Playing slots at Fun88


If you are willing to play, enjoy the best offers and promotions at Fun88. As mentioned before, Fun88 have the best casino games in India, including slots. So, start playing at Fun88 and enjoy yourself!


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