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How to get started with Rummy – Fun88

Rummy has been one of the most beloved traditional games in India! Nowadays, you can play Rummy and other similar games online at platforms like Fun88. However, you must master the rules at first to succeed when playing rummy online at Fun88 or another online casino.


Rummy is a traditional game you can play with a French deck or at online casinos like Fun88 as well. It is advisable to start playing with decks before getting into Fun88 version to sharpen your Rummy skills.


If you are playing in the traditional form, you will need two decks to play and get together with one more player or even more. The aim is to discard all cards and conforming to the main rules, the cards from 1 to 7 have a value of 5 points and cards from 8 to 13 have a value of 10 points to define who the winner will be. Even tough, it is not possible to cut with cards that are jokers.


Rummy rules - Fun88


First, you must get at least 25 points in one or more groups or ladders to go down. Each player can try to go down with one or more groups of ladders To go down for the first time, you must have at least 25 points in one or more groups and/or ladders.


Each player, in his turn, will try to go down one or more groups or ladders. If your turn comes and you have no way to play at least one card or tile down, take a card or tile from the pit and lose a turn.


Once you can go down at first, make a game with the pieces that are on the table, being able to use them to create new patterns including the cards or tiles he owns to get rid of them. The groups might be terns (3 cards) or quads (4 cards) (cards of the same value and different suits).



According to the rules, the straights 1 are 4 successive cards of the same suit (only the 1 can be placed after the 13 and then continue the numbering successively after the 1; example 13,1,2,3).


On the other hand, consider that jokers can take up any place if they are in the player's hand, once placed on the table they take the designated value. If you have the card or tile that occupies a joker on the table, replace it to use it directly, but do not keep it to use it later.


You will win if you get rid of all his cards or tiles first, and the points that the rest of the participants have in their hands will be added to your personal account. Consequently, the winner of the game will be the one who first adds 101 points (or the amount agreed at the beginning of the game) to his or her account.


Rummy variants – Rummy


As any other casino game, Rummy has many variants around over the world. So, let’s find out the most popular rummy variants; some of them can be found at online casinos like Fun88 and other ones can be played at home. Even some of them come from western regions, many people in India love them since they are easy to play and fun!




Conquian is one of the oldest card games which is based on the "draw and discard" principle that forms the basis of all modern rummy games. You can play this Rummy variant with 40 cards from a 52-card deck.


In addition, the most popular variants involve the elimination of all figures or tens, nines and eights. The aim of the game is to form three or four of a kind, or sequences. Conquian comes to us from Mexican Spanish, but the word ultimately derives from Spanish ¿con quién? meaning "with whom?"




The game of Rummikub is easy to play if you have experience in the most popular board game of all times. Rummikub is a game that was born in 1940, its inventor is Ephraim Hertzano, born in Romania and it was popularized and distributed in Latin American and European countries. It is a board game for children and adults you can play in groups of two to four players. It has 106 pieces in total, the tiles are numbered and classified in black and red.


Gin Rummy


Gin Rummy is a game of Spanish origin, which has recently become one of the favorite games in the United States, due to its simple and varied combinations, which allow it to be played very quickly.


The objective consists of two form, each player in his hand, combinations of three or more cards, in order to surpass before the opposing player, in several partial games, the 100 points required to win the game.


Argentine Rummy


Argentine rummy is a variant of the card game known as rummy. It is played with a French deck of 54 or 108 cards depending on the number of players. Two, three, four, or more players can play Argentine Rummy. If you follow the straight, you will win the game. A joker cannot be used if the indicated number of the joker is on the table automatically. A;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;10; J;Q;K;A.


After shuffling, the deck of cards is placed face down. The player to the left of the shuffler must take a part of the deck and place it next to the other deck. The dealer, to the right of the player who "cut" the deck, must deal nine cards to each player and place one card face up next to the face down deck. If the number of cards dealt matches the deck put aside by the previous player, he/she will be awarded fifty points.




Mahjong is one of the Asian board games that has countless players around the world. It is very entertaining and helps to improve the mental and visual agility of its participants. To play Mahjong requires a certain amount of skill, intelligence, and luck.


You can play it either alone or with four players, providing great entertainment. It is a very popular game in China and its origins date back to the 19th century. Although at the beginning it was only played in China and nearby countries, nowadays it has a worldwide success.


Mahjong is a very entertaining game for everyone. It is played with tiles whose shape is quite like dominoes, although they are more in number, since Mahjong has 144 tiles, divided into three classes: bamboos, circles and letters or ideograms.


Rummy 500 – Fun88


This is one of the Rummy variants you can play online! At the beginning of the game the players are dealt 13 cards each. The rest of the cards remain face down on one side of the table in a pile and a card from this pile is placed face up on the other side of the table, to form another discard pile from the Rummy 500 game. When playing, you receive 13 cards to start the round.


The aim of the game is to form groups of cards of the same rank and groups of the same suit in consecutive sequence, at least three cards. When drawing a card from the discard pile, the player must keep in mind that the last card drawn from the discard pile must necessarily be used to form or add to an existing group in the same turn. The card is automatically marked when it can be added to a group. If the last card cannot be added to a group, it cannot be drawn from the stock.


The game ends when one of the players reaches a specific number of points (100, 200 or 500), or else uses up his time, in which case he loses regardless of the points he has. The winner is the player with the highest score, which is the sum of the scores of all the rounds played.


Playing Rummy at Fun88


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